January Our favourite ski month of the year, empty slopes often sunny and very cold. Brevent and Flegere in great condition and most runs to the valley floor open. Typical temperatures -5c day and -10c night.
February Busy from the 2nd week of the month on as school half term holidays kick in particularly in Le Tour and Les Houches. Often heavy snow falls and when the sun comes out it's getting some heat in it. Typical temperatures 5c day and -5c night
March High season, busy everywhere, longer days, spring snow, crunchy in the morning and mushy in the late afternoon. Many serious cases of panda eyes. Typical temperatures 10c day and 0c night
April Busy over the Easter weekend but otherwise very quite on the slopes. Lower slopes and runs to the valley floor usually closed. Spring skiing, catch first lifts, be off the slopes by early afternoon and enjoy a game of tennis/golf or go boldering/swimming. By the end of the month all areas apart from the Grand Montets and the Midi have closed.
Out break of shorts and barbeques in town. Typical temperatures 15c day and 5c night
May Last "official" day of the ski season around 7th May. The Midi is still open and the hard core skiers/riders can be found eyeing any 50 degree slope with snow on it. It's spring in the valley and it getting greener by the day Typical temperatures 20c day and 5c night
June Quiet month, the skiers/riders have departed and the hiking/climbing season is just starting. Snow line has receded above the tree line and the meadows are waste deep in flowers. The days are long and it's seriously hot in the sun. When the wind is from the south and west we get the first of the classic summer afternoon thunderstorms.
July By the second week of the month the valley is buzzing with activity. The campsites are full to the brim and those in the know are heading off to the lakes at Passey for an afternoon swim. Town is rocking by night and by day every crag and boulder has some one hanging off it. It's hitting 30C+ by mid afternoon but the regular evening thunderstorms chill the night air.
August Much the same as July but by the end of the month, town is a little more mellow and the hoteliers and bar staff are a little weary.
September The days may be getting shorter but this is our favourite month for walking the hills and planning the next winters off-piste adventures. The town is pleasantly busy. It's still hot in the sun but by the end of the month there is a regular frost in the middle mountain. The trees are changing colour by the day
October There is no doubt it's autumn. In the early morning the wood smoke lies in the valley and only the hardy are still in shorts. By late in the month we expect to get our first snowfall, often enough in le Tour for to justify a 2hr climb to get first tracks of the season
November The one month of the year when the town sleeps, apart from the chalet owners, hoteliers and bars fitting out for the imminent first guests of the season! If there's enough snow the Grand Montets usually opens for the "premier neige" on the last weekend of the month.
December Winter is here, by the middle of the month the town is a hive of activity and most of the ski lifts are open. Christmas is busy and the resort goes ballistic over the New Year

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